We are about to enter the game-changing era of 5G mobile Internet connectivity, setting the scene for csl to make the everyday lives of customers smarter and healthier, as well as more convenient and enjoyable.

This ground-breaking technology facilitates higher speeds and lower latency, while connecting more devices and innovative applications in support of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

The spectacular "HKT 5G Tech Carnival" staged in Hong Kong enabled csl to display an array of 5G smartphones, so the event’s visitors could get a sneak preview of the kind of functionality we can expect. Other highlights included the first mobile phone recycling "ATM" from csl and the aspara™ intelligent hydroponic planter, which amounts to a smart indoor garden.

Another significant aspect showcased by the "HKT 5G Tech Carnival" was the ultra-high speed and low latency advantage that will provide a gigantic boost for the eSports industry.

Ultra-high speed - 20 times faster than maximum 4G download speed
Massive connectivity - The number of smart devices that can be connected simultaneously is 100-plus times greater than 4G
Ultra-low latency Latency of less than one-thousandth of second
Three major 5G frequency bands
HKT staged a press conference to provide technical information in advance of commercial 5G services being launched. Global and Hong Kong 5G spectrums are broadly divided into three different frequency bands – high, medium and low. Each range comes with completely different characteristics and advantages.
Low-band spectrum (2GHz and below) Advantages Very high penetrating signal power suitable for Hong Kong’s many high-rise buildings. Application environment Use high and medium frequencies to maximize 5G coverage. Current situation HKT will reform current low frequency spectrum bands in coming years to enhance 5G network performance.
Mid-band spectrum (3.3GHz, 3.5GHz and 4.9GHz) Advantages Considered the “golden band spectrum” of 5G, this provides high speed and wide coverage. Application environment 5G service will be provided in many Hong Kong districts. Current situation HKT will participate in the HKSAR Government’s 5G spectrum auction this autumn.
High-band spectrum (28GHz) Advantages UHF broadband to ultra-high transmission speed. Application environment Suitable for indoor and high-density environments, providing ultra-high speed connectivity for many users simultaneously. Current situation HKT has been allocated 400 MHz spectrum in the 28 GHz band and will build a transmission station for many of Hong Kong’s mobile networks.
5G speed test Download a 2GB file within just 14 seconds!
Excellent speed and very low latency were two results of Hong Kong’s first 5G network speed and application test in the 28GHz band. The exercise demonstrated how 5G is capable of speeds as high as 2.6Gbps – nearly double that of a 4G LTE-A network.
Test 1 A live outdoor broadcast used a 4K lens to capture action at the Airport World Trade Centre and was connected to a base station through a 5G network, via which the signal was transmitted to PCCW Tower in Quarry Bay. Video images on a 4K screen were crystal clear with no delay whatsoever.
Test 2 A high-rate 4K video stream was connected to a 5G network base station and transmitted from a Now TV content server to a Now E set-top box at PCCW Tower in Quarry Bay. Both audio and visual were clear and sharp.
Test 3 An OFCA network speed test showed 5G network delay was just 6.2ms – much lower latency than the 4G LTE-A network’s delay time of 20ms.
Test 4 Journalists attended a download speed test and witnessed a 2GB MP4 video file being downloaded via a 5G network in just 14 seconds. A 4G LTE-A network performing the same task would take more than three minutes – making the 5G download nearly 13 times faster.



Q1: When will csl launch a 5G service?

A1: We have been conducting trials for the commercial deployment of 5G technology since June 2018, and have been testing the latest 5G smartphones from leading manufacturers. In fact, some were seen in action at the "HKT 5G Tech Carnival" in June 2019. csl will announce its 5G service launch date after considering factors such as market acceptance and availability of devices.

Q2: How can 5G services benefit my daily life?

A2: Game-changing 5G mobile Internet connectivity will enable csl to make the everyday lives of customers potentially smarter and healthier, as well as more convenient and enjoyable. This ground-breaking technology facilitates higher speeds and lower latency, with the capability to connect exponentially more devices and innovative applications to make the Internet of Things (IoT) and "smart city" concepts a reality.

Q3: Will csl command extensive 5G coverage after launch?

A3: As Hong Kong’s leading mobile service operator, we will continue to offer the best customer experience via the fastest connectivity and far-reaching network coverage. Large public locations, such as MTR stations and lines, shopping malls and the airport, demand large capacity to meet a diversity of  service requirements. With this in mind, we started building Hong Kong’s first all-fiber mobile network infrastructure in November 2018 for the lobby and platforms of the Shatin to Central Link line in order to provide a high-quality mobile broadband service. This will allow us to upgrade the network to 5G without need of additional cabling.

Q4: What advantages does csl have over other mobile players?

A4: As Hong Kong’s premier mobile operator, we deliver rich media content in conjunction with PCCW Limited, our parent company. We have also developed a one-stop IoT ecosystem through collaboration with a large group of partners and industry experts. And we established a "smart city" laboratory in partnership with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) in November 2018. All these tie-ups will produce a richness of content and innovative 5G services to the benefit of our consumer and corporate customers.
- Source: Information and figures on 5G are referenced from the documents listed by GSM Association. More details can be found in https://www.gsma.com
- Some figures quoted are theoretical value, actual performance may vary due to location, spectrum allocated, network resource availability and the compatible handset’s capability, etc.
- For more details about the demonstration, please refer to the appendices ("5G Application Demo" presentation)